Dark Wax


Dark wax can be quite tricky to apply.  One thing I’ve learned, the hard way, is that “less is more”!  If you remember that motto, you will be fine.  I had this old table in my upstairs hallway and hated it, so I thought I would try a little restyle… Continue reading

The process…

Although I was thrilled with my $35 find, the color of the oak table would not work in my home.  I LOVE to paint furniture, bathroom vanities, chandeliers, candle holders, glass, fleur de lis, (that’s another story we will get to later) so painting this table would not be an issue. In the past I would use latex paint or even a can of spray paint, whatever I had on the garage shelf would do. But I wanted to try something different this time, so it was the perfect piece to try out Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint®. I had been reading about her chalk paint for quite some time, even “pinned” several pieces on Pinterest.  Or “Pinstagram” but that is top secret, right Becca?  What I like most about Chalk Paint® is that there’s no prep work.  No sanding, stripping varnish, you just start painting!

Enough already, you want the process, that IS why you are reading…

I started with two coats of my favorite Annie Sloan color, French Linen.  In my opinion, it’s the perfect neutral as it can be classy enough for a dining room or distressed for a “shabby chic” look.


Then on to the table top…

I slathered a generous coat of Annie Sloan Graphite. I could’ve went with a “wash” of color but since it was my first experience with Chalk Paint®, I decided to just “paint” it!


I like that you can still see the wood grain showing through the paint.


After the paint dried, which is super fast, 20 minutes maybe? I waxed with Annie Sloan’s soft Clear Wax.  Through trial and error I found out I used way too much.  But hey, I didn’t know, it was my first time ever using a wax!  LOT’S of buffing, it was a great arm workout and buffing the wax really makes it shine.

I’m quite pleased with the results of Chalk Paint®, so much that I have painted everything I can get my hands on. I’ve even painted some things twice!

What are your thoughts? Do you like the after?


Thanks for reading, I hope you have a fabulous day!