Dark Wax


Dark wax can be quite tricky to apply.  One thing I’ve learned, the hard way, is that “less is more”!  If you remember that motto, you will be fine.  I had this old table in my upstairs hallway and hated it, so I thought I would try a little restyle… Continue reading


If you are on social media then you know the octothorp…aka “Hashtag” symbol. Back in the day we called it the “pound sign”.  Still wondering what the heck I’m talking about? This ### symbol.  If you search with the hashtag #morethanpaint you will get endless photos of beautiful Annie Sloan chalk painted items.  The reason I am sharing #morethanpaint because that is just what it is…More Than Paint!  You can use Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® to paint wood, glass, plastic, fabric, metal, you can even dye fabric with this stuff! Ah-mazing!  After reading you could paint glass and metal a lightbulb went off in my scattered brain.💡

I have two horrible lamps in my basement, that I wanted to replace.  After  months of looking for a replacement, I decided to paint the monstrosities with…yep, you guessed it – Chalk Paint®! Remember, I told ya this stuff was addictive!

Here is a “before” and “after”.

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