Inspiration: Dreams and Goals


That’s right, you are never too old to have a new dream or set a new goal. Last year was a horrific year for me, I had to deal with so much loss in my life. Dreams and goals really helped me through my day to day struggles. (Yes #thestruggleisreal my son made me see the word struggle in a whole new light.)
We moved to my dream house last year…on my birthday! What a great present! I’ve set my GOALS to decorate this house, from landscaping to decor, it’s keeping me busy! When I’m having a rough day, I go out to my lab, aka the garage. No, it’s not one of “those labs” you know, from Breaking Bad? By the way, loved that series! My lab is where I paint! Painting is therapeutic for me and helps me clear my head. I grab a paint brush and my headphones and escape the outside world. I have really bad “chemo brain” and can’t remember things, it’s really embarrassing at times but we laugh it off as my “50 First Dates” syndrome. It’s a cute movie, if you haven’t watched it (50 First Dates) before, put it on your movie list.

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I sometimes think, why am I writing this blog? And, is it a waste of time? Idk, but it is my dream and I’m not letting it pass me by. This is my outlet to share my obsessions, from home decor to handbags, with you! I used to blog about designer handbags and fashion but that blog is lost somewhere in in the blogosphere… Doesn’t matter, this new chapter in my life needs a new name and a new beginning.

“Sometimes when the winds of change blow, you have to hoist the sails and enjoy the ride!”

– Kat Warren

Get out there, set some goals, and live your dream!

And…have a fabulous day!
– Sarah