Fabulous Friday – French Arm Chairs


It’s Fabulous Friday! One of my fabulous favorites is the French arm chair. My parents had a set in their formal living room and I was always fascinated with them. I loved all the attention to detail; the carving of the wood, the tapestry, and over all look of the chairs. Being a child of the 80’s, let’s face it, furniture was ugly.  At least it was to me, so…not…my taste! I’ve always had a “thang” for French style decorating, maybe due to these chairs, IDK?

I lost both of my parents to cancer (horrible disease and a future post) so in a way, these chairs comfort me.❤️ On Christmas morning we would open our presents in “The Formal Living Room” (yes, I used air quotes when talking about this room because it was reserved for formal/special events.) naturally, I always had to sit in one of the French chairs! Photos of dressing up with your BFF’s, dance recitals, Proms, you name it, were taken with these chairs – happy memories. I now own them and they proudly sit in my “formal living room”.

I don’t think I could ever paint my parent’s chairs, for sentimental reasons. I like the memories I have when I look at them.

Image via Houzz

A couple of weeks ago my BFF gave me a set to restyle (stay tuned for their transformation) finally finished this one yesterday. I’m quite pleased with the result and love how you can change the look with something as simple as a lumbar pillow…

I can’t wait to share the transformation process with you…next week my friends, next week! Hint: I used ASCP French Linen and Old White.
Have a Fabulous Friday!
– Sarah


Why I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

If you’ve been reading my blog you will notice a trend…                                                Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®!


I love the product so much that I am contstantly searching for things to paint! What makes this paint so special, you ask? Check out this list from anniesloan.com

Why Our Paint is Special

Annie Sloan’s unique decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, is a very special paint for very many reasons:

1. Chalk Paint® is the BEST paint for painting furniture by a long way
2. No need to prime or prepare
3. Extremely low VOC so it is good for the environment
4. You can use it on any surface, indoors and out (the outside of our shop was painted in it — perfect!)
5. You can use the paint by diluting it with water to make a wash to show the wood grain
6. The colours are mixed intelligently and the website shows how you can adapt your colours for your use
7. It’s a girls’ paint, but boys can use it too
8. It’s flexible so you can be creative and change your mind
9. It allows your walls to breathe so it is perfect for cottage walls
10. You can use it as an impasto (thickly) – leave the lid off to thicken
11. We’ve been making it since 1990 so it’s tried and tested

Check out her site and look at all the gorgeous furniture transformations!  Have a fun and safe Memorial holiday weekend!🇺🇸

– Sarah


Dark Wax


Dark wax can be quite tricky to apply.  One thing I’ve learned, the hard way, is that “less is more”!  If you remember that motto, you will be fine.  I had this old table in my upstairs hallway and hated it, so I thought I would try a little restyle… Continue reading