Painting fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Remember last week’s Fabulous Friday, the French Arm Chair? As promised, here is the transformation!!
The chairs belong to a dear friend. They were passed down to her from her grandmother and not really her style so she told me to take them to the lab (my garage) for a transformation.


First, I cleaned the entire chair with Clorox wipes, then I sprayed the fabric with water. The key is to really saturate the fabric but not so much that it is dripping wet.


For the fabric paint I mixed 50% water + 50% ASCP Old White.
image image

The mixture covered quite well, this is how it looked with only one coat. Mumsy and Stella were my assistants for the day.


Always make sure to turn the furniture upside down to get all areas covered.

This is how it looked after one coat on the wood trim and two coats on the fabric. I think it covered pretty well.
image image

After two coats on wood and three on the fabric. Let’s do a side by side…

I really loved how the chair looked, all fresh and new but it was a bit too modern for my taste, so I added ASCP French Linen (my fave Annie Sloan color) to the wood trim.

After the French Linen dried I applied ASCP Clear wax to the wood trim, seat cushion, and arms. (Didn’t wax the back cushion because I wanted to see the differences in the finish and durability) I then mixed a *wash. (Wash = mix water + paint until it is the consistency of milk)  I applied the wash with my brush, then wiped it off immediately with a lint free cloth. **You can leave the paint on longer before wiping off, if you want more coverage.
image image

The pic below shows before (left) and after (right) the wash. The wash really gave dimension to the wood and lightened the look.

I clear waxed and buffed with and old sheet. Old sheets are the perfect lint free cloths!
This is the end result, think I am going to have to keep this one!

Now what to do with the other chair? Maybe reverse the colors and do Old White on the wood and French Linen on the fabric?

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about the process feel free to ask! There is now a “Questions?” widget on the right with my email:

Have a fabulous day!
– Sarah

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