Annie Sloan vs. DIY Chalk Inspired Paint

My husband surprised me with Annie Sloan’s book, Color Recipes For Painted Furniture and more.  It’s a great book, if you get the chance, check it out!


While flipping through the pages, my daughter fell in love with the “Painted and Gilded bed” pages 58-61.


It is painted with ASCP Antibes Green with Dark Wax, so NOT my color choice. Remember, my color palette consists of gray, gray, and more gray?  I needed a little pick me up on Mother’s Day, so I decided to paint her bed.  Big problem…I didn’t have Antibes Green on my paint shelf, and why would I?  I’d have to make my own chalk-like paint if I was going to be painting that day.  If you peruse Pinterest you will see all sorts of  DIY recipes for chalk inspired paint.  I am using “chalk inspired” because Annie Sloan trademarked – Chalk Paint®.  I headed to Lowes and purchased a color match of Antibes Green and Plaster of Paris.  The paint mixed very nice, it was smooth and not at all chunky.  WARNING: Wear a mask, this is toxic stuff!

Here is her bed before:


The first coat went on rather thin, not as much coverage as the ASCP.  Photo after first and starting with the second coat:


Second coat:


After third. UGH, three coats??


I used a little gilding wax on the sides:


I waxed with Clear Wax first, then started with Dark Wax.  You can see the difference – Dark vs. Clear.


While waxing the paint rubbed off!!!! What?? I couldn’t believe it!


I was able to peel the paint right off – beyond angry!


This is what it looked like…


Major clean up!


Sweet Brown said it best:


Some say they like the DIY paint because the cost is cheaper…Not from my experience! It took almost the entire quart of paint, and not to mention all of my time wasted!  (Quart of Annie Sloan – $38 vs. Lowes Valspar Flat – $17 plus Plaster of Paris – $6 = $23)  If you compare the cost, it does seem as if the DIY is a better deal, but not for me!

  • My ASCP quarts last a lot longer than the DIY inspired version
  • Not as many coats
  • I don’t have to wear a mask
  • No mixing
  • PLUS, I’ve never peeled the paint right off my project!!

No thank you, my health and my time are way more important to me than saving a couple dollars.  I also worry that the finish will not be durable.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® WINS!

Here is the finished bed and my daughter loves it!  We call it her “Fairy Tale” bed.💚



Thanks for reading and again, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

*UPDATE* It’s not durable!  While moving the bed to my daughter’s room, more paint chipped off the headboard!

– Sarah


10 thoughts on “Annie Sloan vs. DIY Chalk Inspired Paint

  1. I love this.. I have messed with “chalk inspired” and had decent results, nothing compares to the Annie Sloan and how easy it truly is!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this info! I can’t help myself, I always try to do something the cheaper way but you have helped me see that in at least the chalk paint category it’s best to stick to the professionals! Dang it!

  3. Thanks for this info. I’ve only ever used AS chalkpaint and have wondered if the DIY version is better and cheaper. I won’t be wasting my time now that I’ve read your post. AS paint is simply wonderful and worth every penny! 😉. Thanks for following my blog!

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